Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Point-n-click action RPG returns with a vengeance with Titan Quest, folks! That’s right. After a self-enforced hiatus from both PC and console gaming, the stars aligned favourably and twinkled me a “thumbs up” a few nights ago, as I embarked on this virtual odyssey into ancient Greece, a mythical and mysterious land full of heroes and villains.

Titan quest: Journey begins

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is an expansion pack to the original Titan Quest of 2006, and an immersive game, one that I’m really enjoying playing at the moment. That’s been my preoccupation for this weekend and my overstressed (and complaining!) right carpal tunnel bears testimony to the fact.

Although strictly an RTS, EA’s The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II was the last RPG-like game I played way back in May 2005. Like all good RPGs, Titan Quest has a sense of occasion to itself; not to mention its foundation in Greek mythology, combined with your in-game character’s tendency of reckless adventure, sets an exciting mood for the game.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition was launched in 2016, which enjoys rave reviews on Steam

Which is a testament to the game’s legacy!

Gameplay comprises of the uncomplicated, classic point-n-click (just point mouse anywhere on the screen to advance your character in that direction) and hack-n-slash (click on an enemy to ensue combat) style of action. For a two-year old game, I think the graphics are pretty neat. In-game physics is a little suspect, what with your character passing through bodies of deceased foes on the ground, but nothing blatantly ridiculous.

But these tiny blemishes are seldom noticeable once you are caught up in the frenzied gameplay, of which there is at least 50 hours guaranteed. You can build and equip your character with a variety of skills and powers. I’m playing primarily as a warrior, but my secondary ability is to achieve mastery in the use of thunderbolts; magic, in other words. And believe me, you’re going to need magic as you advance further in the game. Picking the right blend of abilities will set your character apart, and decide how you fare on the long, arduous road to the finish.

Gameplay video of Titan Quest Immortal Throne on YouTube

This is how it begins: The Gods have overthrown the aging Titans from their seat of power, and there’s peace and harmony in all lands. But the Gods have decided to leave earthly affairs for humans (mortals) to dwell over — and all hell breaks loose! The lands are in despair as a dark force rises from the underworld, ravaging, burning, tormenting, destroying everything in its wake.

In these unforgiving times, a hero takes upon himself the task to find and challenge the root of this evil, and rid the world of its menace once and for all. And this quest takes him beyond Greece to lands far and wide, and ultimately into Hades’ very stronghold.

On the way, you’ll come face to face with monsters unimaginable, and accomplish tasks unthinkable for a mere mortal. But that is your destiny, if you embark upon Titan Quest. May the gods be with you!

Much appreciation to the developers at Iron Lore Entertainment for bringing out Titan Quest. Sadly, as of January 2008, they ceased all active game development projects.