Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona: Mayhem at the Bridge

The two semifinal second-legs played in London over the past couple of days couldn’t be more contrasting. If Manchester United were clinical in their performance against Arsenal at The Emirates on Tuesday — maximum damage with minimum fuss — an explosive finish was in store for the cliffhanger at Stamford Bridge, where Chelsea and Barcelona… Continue reading Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona: Mayhem at the Bridge

Rome awaits for Manchester United

Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United What a match! One of those old gems in the pantheon of European matches which you eagerly look forward to, and where all the hype and buzz surrounding two massive clubs actually lives up to its prematch expectations. Manchester United put on a devastating display of football against Arsenal at The… Continue reading Rome awaits for Manchester United

Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Point-n-click action RPG returns with a vengeance with Titan Quest, folks! That’s right. After a self-enforced hiatus from both PC and console gaming, the stars aligned favourably and twinkled me a “thumbs up” a few nights ago, as I embarked on this virtual odyssey into ancient Greece, a mythical and mysterious land full of heroes… Continue reading Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

Man Utd business as usual

The Premier league weekend’s always a dodgy affair, especially after midweek Champions League matches for Man Utd. Key players need to be rested, benchwarmers have to stand up to the occasion, and everyone hopes (with their fingers crossed) that the team doesn’t pay dearly for wholesale changes. No problems for Manchester United, comfortable 2-0 winners… Continue reading Man Utd business as usual

Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal

Just like Fergie predicted, Manchester United take a slender one goal advantage over Arsenal to the Emirates Stadium for the deciding second leg of this Champions League semifinal. Manchester United on top Despite the fact we won last night, this match left a bad taste in my mouth. More than exhilaration and relief, frustration and… Continue reading Manchester United 1-0 Arsenal

Flatland: A romance of many dimensions

Perhaps one of the weirdest books you’ll ever read. Edwin A. Abbott’s Flatland, a tiny book written back in 1884, theorizes about inhabitants of a two dimensional world, drawing striking parallels with 19th century Victorian social hierarchy. What’s noteworthy is that Flatland isn’t just an allegory of a bygone era or an endless discussion on… Continue reading Flatland: A romance of many dimensions

Premier league weekend

I’m a Manchester United fan, let me make that clear from the outset. Always have been, always will be. Ever since Premier League broadcast began here in India, I’ve been following their fortunes since a year before their epic treble winning season. When legends were made of the likes of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Peter… Continue reading Premier league weekend

Alive and kicking!

Okay, here we go. After a year gone by doing nothing but just sitting on this domain, I’ve been thinking about getting my act together and start spending some time here on my personal corner on the Web. On a day when my boss asked me to take the day off work and relax, I… Continue reading Alive and kicking!