My Rock Education 1: Metallica

At no point of time have I had my own music collection—rock, jazz or anything for that matter. Listening to bits on TV and radio, random songs stored on my computer—mostly recommended, never borrowed out of choice—tuning into classics from my parents’ collective stash, that sort of thing. Never had a shoebox full of discs… Continue reading My Rock Education 1: Metallica

Premier league kickoff

A blog post after two months, boy am I getting lazy or what? Blog was ignored on account of many reasons, not least the lack of Premier League: I was as busy as a hamster on a wheel at work, then I fell horribly sick. So sick in fact that the doctor advised me to… Continue reading Premier league kickoff

From yours truly: Amateur poetry

I have nothing to write home about. Life has meandered into its oft chanced upon cheerless, uneventful bend. So here’s some amateur poetry, some verses from yours truly… “Beautiful is the rose atop many a thorn; Mad indeed art thou to ignore it for mourn. Effervescent is life despite moments of gloom; Shalt thou wilt… Continue reading From yours truly: Amateur poetry

Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

No sooner is it Saturday and there goes the nutter, rambling about his obsession for football yet again at a fever pitch. It isn’t hard to imagine such observations from people around me, especially the ones who’ve grown to know me all too well. And as football hibernates for three agonising months after today’s FA… Continue reading Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby

Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United: Catalan fairytale

Ah, well, a disappointing end to the season. Manchester United went to Rome with great expectations and a chance to create history. Barcelona had a similar agenda, trying to be the first Spanish club to win the treble. With the La Liga title and Copa del Rey already in the bag, Barcelona capped off a… Continue reading Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United: Catalan fairytale

Cricket or Football: Foot over bat any day!

Cricket or football? This clash of passions came to full tilt unexpectedly on a lazy Bengaluru weekend. A thankful break from a monotonous Sunday evening—which usually begins with an abrupt end to extended siestas, closely followed by EPL’s Super Sunday (minus John Dykes’ prematch sound bytes), only to conclude with open-ended conversations with online friends,… Continue reading Cricket or Football: Foot over bat any day!

Memorable dinner at Zoe’s

It finally happened this week. A canopy of clouds—menacing and full of purpose—gathered out of nowhere, overshadowing the sun. Only this time they weren’t kidding around, delivering on their promise. Memorable Bengaluru dinner The wind picked up, out rolled the thunder, flashes of light ignited, and the dam in the sky finally broke. For about… Continue reading Memorable dinner at Zoe’s

Manchester United: Premier league champions

Coronation day couldn’t have been better. There was a sprinkling of sun, a brief downpour, and in classic Manchester United fashion the team tortured the faithfuls to no end before delighting with a moment to cherish and savour. The Mancunians were ecstatic not only for the third premier league crown in as many years, but… Continue reading Manchester United: Premier league champions